Watch A Wind-Powered Child’s Toy Evolve Into A Low-Cost Minefield Clearing Machine


It costs $1,200 to clear a single landmine. But Afghan designer Massoud Hassani has created a device that costs just €40 (roughly $51 U.S.), needs only wind power to operate, and can clear two or three mines in a single trip. In the video above, you can see how his elegant design for the Mine Kafon was inspired by a childhood spent navigating minefields in Afghanistan, and how a simple child’s toy acted as the catalyst for an invention that could change the world.

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Ahead Of ITU Summit, Google Wants You To Help Preserve A Free And Open Internet With New Campaign


Today, Google announced a new initiative to support an open and free Internet called “Take Action.” The company has set up a website with materials to help educate you on what your rights are and what changes with laws could do to impact the freedoms you enjoy today on the Internet.

After we went through what we did with SOPA, it’s time to listen up so we don’t have to react like that so quickly. Education can help.

The difficulty with all of these things is that most people, including myself, don’t understand all of the nuances of laws that can be introduced. Most of the time, these laws don’t make it to “mainstream media” until the fight is at a fevered pitch. That’s tiring.

Here’s what the company had to say about it:

Starting December 3, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors to discuss the future of…

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What’s up with young people today? Getting hopped up on crystal meth and alcopops and playing Nintendo and skateboarding and tipping over cows and playing pool… and stuff… I don’t know what kids do. I stopped listening to new music with Nine Inch Nails, and when I watch FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF now, I root for Principal Rooney against that little prick Bueller. Rooney’s just doing his job, leave him alone! What I do understand is the desire to win the approval of our parents. No matter how much we may claim to be cool and insouciant about it, there’s a part of us that always seeks the sanction of our elders. Of course, we have our ideas of how to try and win them over…

In July 2009, Richard Bates Jr debuted his short film EXCISION, a twisted exploration of a young girl’s efforts to earn parental approval. After…

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