Experience Time Warp With MIT’s New Special Relativity 3D Educational Game


Ever wonder what it would look like to travel at the speed of light? The folks at MIT’s education games lab have created a simple 3D simulator to teach the masses about the counterintuitive principles of one of physics’ most important concepts: special relativity. The professionally-designed, yet simple first-person game places users in a Lord of the Rings-looking town and slows down the speed of light as scattered light “orbs” are collected throughout the level (video below). The goal of the project was to make something familiar that was very unfamiliar: the laws of special relativity. What would they look like in a familiar setting?,” says Sonny Sidhu, A Slower Speed of Light’s Game Producer.

As the 100 orbs are collected, gamers increasingly experience counterintuitive principles of traveling near the speed of light

  • The Doppler Effect – objects become more blue, red, or rainbow colored in accordance with the light…

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